5 Ways to Reduce your Electricity Bill by 15%

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has predicted based on the current situation for the energy – related emissions to increase by 70 percent in 2050. This will eventually accelerate the negative influences such as climate change, increased greenhouse effect, etc. Saving energy will not only nurture a better tomorrow for our planet but will help us save out on money for a better today. Like the money saved is the money earned, the power saved is the power generated. Here are 5 ways to reduce your electricity bill by 15% :


Electricians and manufacturers have started giving more stress on the amount of energy consumed by an appliance taking into consideration the current environmental crisis. While shopping, consumers have the option of determining the amount of energy consumed by the appliance or choosing the appliance which uses less energy. For e.g : Switch to LED Bulbs They’re far more efficient than incandescent light bulbs, last longer and can provide a cleaner, more natural looking light. Energy efficient appliances will lead to a significant amount of drop in your electricity bill.


This might sound peculiar and unrealistic but every appliance consumes energy when it’s plugged in but switched off. Unplug your computer after shutting it down when not in use, unplug the TV and radio cords, coffee makers, toasters,etc. These small appliances sum up to a high amount of energy, adversely affecting your electricity bill.


Being aatmanirbhar (independent) never goes out of trend. If you’re really serious about saving out on that money, you can always invent in solar panels and other sources of renewable energy. Once you start generating our own energy, you’ll realize how efficient the investment turned out to be.


Appliances will work more effectively and save more energy if they’re cared for. Regular cleaning and servicing the appliances is vital in order to save energy. For instance, the coils at the back of a refrigerator get really dirty when not regularly cleaned, this can decrease the efficiency of it and increase the consumption of energy.


Proper insulation provides protection from extreme weather conditions during the heat of summer and the snow of winter by maintaining a static house temperature. It helps to keep your home will protect it from unnecessary loss of heat during winter, and help keep your cool during summer. And because of its capability, insulation enables you to save energy and ultimately money. As a result, it is important to check the insulation in your home, from your walls to your pipes, to reduce the need for heating and to cut the cost of your electric bill. 

If these aspects are habituated among the family members and cultivated properly, it is definite for your electricity bill to reduce by 15%

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