Smoke: The Main Culprit

 Did you know, Indoor fireplace deaths are not because of burns but because of the inhalation of harmful gases and smoke.Smoke inhalation’s signs and symptoms aren’t as obvious as the ones of a prime burns due to which many people think they are safe as long as they get out of the burning house before suffering any sort of skin damage. However, the main culprit is the smoke occurred during this fire. This smoke will have existence-threatening consequences . Smoke inhalation can be compared to the experience of drowning. Exposure to warm harmful gases can lead to serious respiration problems and headaches. Smoke results in disorientation and clouds which affects your presence of mind, causes confusion thus, making it difficult to escape the house on time.

Along with the inhalation of smoky air, the person trapped inside is exposed to the tendency of inhaling harmful, poisonous chemical compounds released by gadgets burnt inside during the course. A major threat posed by the same is the burning of wires and cables which may lead to the release of black foggy smoke comprising of harmful toxic elements. Majority of the wires and cables used in any residential or business constructing in India possess Polyvinyl Chloride) insulation. Due to combustion , deadly chlorine gases which have pungent irritating odours classified as pulmonary irritants are released. The magnitude of these emissions accelerate when the commercial grade of PVC is used.

There have been many fire accidents in the past due to corrosive fumes and flickering fire of the cables, For example, At least 22 students were killed and several others injured in a fire at a coaching centre in Sarthana area of Surat in Gujarat. Most of the students died due to suffocation caused by smoke. The very famous Delhi’s Uphaar Cinema became a victim to one of the deadliest fire tragedies in India.While 59 people died being trapped inside, mostly due to suffocation, around 103 people were seriously injured in the resulting stampede. Cognizant of the fact that wire and cables are the ‘veins and arteries’ of buildings, architects and real estate builders need to take note of the safer and sustainable option like FRLS / ZHFR cables. The change is imminent and the need for a safer future. 

Cable is in the first place among the cause of fire. Fires are always triggered by unsafe and nonstandard conditions, so we can approach safety if we know the properties of cables we want to use. We recommend adding standard ratings (PH, EP) with overload and combustion in increased/higher oxygen ratio. Fire Survival Cables (Low-smoke Halogen-Free-LSHF)by Avocab are used in various indoor and outdoor Applications in which maintenance of power supply during a fire is required and in areas where smoke and acid gas evolution could pose a hazard to personal or sensitive equipment in high-rise building, schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, subway etc. Electrical cables and wires are a significant fire safety issue in today’s buildings and installations: If the insulating or jacketing materials in cables catch fire, they can represent a significant quality of fuel for fire, because of the sheer volume of cables in modern building (electrical, telephone, computer connections etc.)

Why Avocab Fire Survival Cables?

Fire Survival Cable
  • Eliminates the threat of forming caustic acids (such as hydrochloric acid) and contributes to less corrosion damage to equipments near the fire.
  • Eliminates the threat of inhaling toxic gasses which reducing the damage to the human respiratory system.
  • No release of dense smoke that impairs visibility of the fire exit routes and hampers rescues operations.
  • It takes much more time than traditional cables to catch a fire, which facilitating the evacuation procedures.
  • Its excellent flame retardant property prevents the fire from spreading through the place.

Considering the impact of thick dark smoke during a fire hazard, it is a high time we switch to products that emit low smoke and are non-toxic in nature. It is not possible to stop the occurrence of every accidental fire but its magnitude and frequency can be diminishing.

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